Steve does in home personal consultations concerning emergency preparedness as well as group consultations and classes on how to prepare for various emergencies.

Let Steve teach you what to buy and what to NOT buy. Invest wisely. You’re investing in your LIFE!

During an “In-Home” personal consultation, we review your Preps and Plans. We go over your Stores and Equipment and discuss the items and ideals involved. You will be graded and then advised on missing items as well as unnecessary items. Steve will help you create a list of “must have” items and can even recommend the best place to find and purchase these items.

Don’t wait till its too late!!

During group sessions, we discuss topics of interest and how to best prepare for situations discussed. Most questions are submitted prior to the class/consultation to save time during the consultation. But there is always some time reserved toward the end for new/ un thought of questions.

Do you Want to have to depend on our current Government? I don’t.

Don’t wait till its too late and the shelves are empty!

Don’t depend on ANYONE else. You are the Only person you can depend on.

Are you willing or able to wait for “help?”

CONTACT US to schedule a personal or group consultation