Advanced Survival Course

Learn how to survive in the wilderness and live off the land in this 7-day survival adventure. 4 days of hard core learning and 3 days  implementing the skills learned and tools crafted.  (That's right! After 3 days of hardcore survival with none of your modern gear after we stash it at our base camp!) Can you do it? YES YOU CAN!

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Weekend Warrior Course

Learn to survive with almost nothing with this 3-day / 2-night primitive camp course.  Awesome course for anyone from Beginners to seasoned outdoors folks. Open Enrollment Courses are only held October-April with limited spaces per course. Private weekends are available throughout the year.

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Day Adventures

Spend a day in the wilderness. Our back yard or yours. Great for families, those with limited time, Home school groups, and those who just love learning about nature! A jam-packed day of learning in nature with a no more than 3 mile hike. This can include nature trails, sparkling springs, animal wildlife and botanical wonders.

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River Adventure

River Adventure

Our River Adventure is 4 days and starts in Fargo, Georgia. (Weather Permitting)  Participants are restricted to only 10 lbs of gear and must bring their own Vessel. Training and guidance provided along the journey. This course is for those seeking adventure and wanting to test their skills in a real environment!

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Have an Adventure

North Florida Survival isn't just a school that teaches survival skills. Our main focus is connecting people with nature in a positive and safe way.

Let us take you out of the comfort zone of your living room and share with you a new escape to unwind, re-connect with nature and yourself. Plan your perfect adventure:

  • Glamping
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Day Excursions

Give North Florida Survival a try - and learn how to navigate the nature that is all around you

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Preparedness Consultations

Being ready in case of a natural disaster or other misfortune, insures the survival of you and your loved ones.

We offer in-home or group consultations to address your concerns and educate on being ready in case of a catastrophe.